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What's the Divide in the US, Jiff? Or: The American Dream on its knees [EN Episode]

Episode Summary

Jiffer Bourguignon is an Editor and Podcaster (Amerika übersetzt) and is currently based in Hamburg. She studied Anthropology and Development Economics and used to work with "Der Spiegel" in Washington. She is more of an Liberal Democrat, even though growing up in the rust belt.

Episode Notes

In the Intro I explain, why in my mind the confirmation bias can be a driver for polarization.


We talk about  systemic #racism in Germany and the US. 

We talk about how to reduce the ethnic divide and how good the German and American #leadership is during this crisis. 

We talk about "Loosers of #globalization" and how the situation in the rust belt changed the political landscape fundamentally.  


Next Episode  will be with Stefan Kooths (IfW) on "Konjunkturpaket"/stimulus package. 




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